Andrea Paris, Los Angeles Ballet Academy, Creative Director
Ballet / Team Theatrics / YBT

Andrea started dancing at the age of 5 at Bernice McGough’s (her mother) Ballet School in Auckland, New Zealand. She passed all her Grade and Major examinations under the British Ballet Method with Honors and holds the Solo Dancer’s Diploma. Andrea was awarded the Paul Hammond Scholarship and a Full Scholarship to the National Ballet School where she studied before joining the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Andrea moved to Los Angeles in 1979 where she trained under Dolores Terry, Robert Rossoulatt and Stanley Holden. She then traveled to and performed in Japan, Europe and Mexico, where she met her husband, Iker, whom she married in 1984.

Andrea toured the US and Canada with the National Touring Company of Sugar Babies as well as performed in Los Angeles productions of Sugar Babies, Song of Norway, Anyone CanWhistle, Anything Goes, My Fair Lady, Pajama Game and more. She choreographed, assisted and performed with Opera Pacific at the Orange County Performing Arts Center and the Los Angeles Opera. Her choreography has been seen on music videos, soap operas, industrials and ballet companies.
Andrea’s television and film credits include General Hospital, The Academy Awards, the films Beaches and Pennies From Heaven. She was the assistant choreographer on the TV series Rags to Riches which produced 2-3 musical numbers per episode. She coached Fred Savage on The Wonder Years, Rita Moreno on a TV movie for PBS, and Tony Geary on General Hospital. Some of her more interesting jobs included, sitting in a bathtub of bubbles doing high kicks for a Japanese beer commercial, being a Dancing “Star” on The Academy Awards, choreographing an award winning video for the rock band ‘Jane’s Addiction’, and being a tap dancing truck in a Ryder Truck commercial!
In 1992 Andrea started her own school and has since passed the Royal Academy of Dancing Teacher’s Certificate. Andrea has taught Master Classes, judged dance
festivals and traveled to NY to further her education as a ballet teacher and dance educator. Miss Andrea, as she is now known, lives in Van Nuys with her
husband Iker and her two children, Dylan 15 and Veronica 10.

Nicolette Atkins, Associate Teacher

Started ballet lessons at the age of 3 with Sannie Marie Slabbert (her mother), who continues to teach in South Africa. Studied ballet (Cecchetti Method) and some tap, modern and Spanish with Pam Wedd and Hennie Grobbelaar. Graduated from the Pretoria High School for Art, Ballet and Music with a distinction in Practical Ballet, and completed Cecchetti Advanced Exam in the same year. Attained the Cechetti Associate Teacher’s Diploma (with Honours) and is a member of the International Society of Teachers of Dancing (I.S.T.D.). Graduated from the University of Pretoria (South Africa) with a Bachelors of Arts degree (English, Afrikaans/Dutch as majors, and History of Music (sub-major)) and attained the post-graduate Teacher’s Diploma. She also has a Marketing Certificate from Damelin College, Durban South Africa. Nicolette has worked in arts marketing in South Africa and at the Los Angeles Opera, and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. She is married to an opera singer. “I love ballet, and I love to teach at Theatrics because I believe in a solid technique, the beauty of each little person, and the positive gifts that dance brings into our lives. . I hope that everyone — whether a dancer or a member of the audience –, will experience the joy that dancing has given me.”

And thank you to the soundproofing Acoustica Projects that make it possible for both of these teachers to do their best work.

Ballet is usually associated with women however did you know Tupac was a ballet performer also? Ballet teaches poises and grace – if your child or yourself is considering taking up dancing then one of the options you will have is ballet.

Of course – ballet is an old dance form stretching back to Victorian times – there are many famous ballet dancers (besides Tupac) who have shaped our culture – and even though ballet is seen as a more of a traditional dance style now rather than a current one – it is still very popular and challenging.

You may have seen the movies of ballet schools and imagine strict teachers being very heavy handed with students however that is not what we are about at theatrics dance – rather we are about enjoy the experience and helping every performer learn to express themselves in various ways.

One of the great things about our studio is that we are located centrally in the city – and are easy to get to from the trains tation – so your child can easily get here and back without a ride if necessary.

What we would recommend is also checking yoru child’s height and enthusiasm for the dancing class. Keep in mind that kids of a certain height tend to have a better time than those of a smaller height.

Ask your child what is important to them in dance – and explain to them the benefits of each dance style – and invite your kid to one of our open days or free dance classes. Our open days allow everyone to gather and talk to the current students to see how the school is like – and then participate in a free class to see how your child likes it – we are here to be welcoming and invite your child to learn and interact with like minded kids.

We hope you find our open days inviting – and it’s a chance for you to take a break and enjoy the opportunity that we have provided for you.

Also – I – as the main teacher – would love to speak to you and answer any questions that you may have. If you like we can even meet after one of my classes and we can sit down, have a coffee and discuss your thoughts on what you feel is the best direction for your child to go to.

Making a decision on your child’s extra curricular activities can be tough – so I suggest finding out what would work best.

Please do not hestitate to get in contact with me and drop by any time to see how the classes are conducted.

All the best!

One of the important lessons you learn in ballet is how to work together as a team – as a ballet school we also have to work together as staff and that is why we went on a team building excercise organised by cooking team building sydney . We recommend the services of Team Building Made Easy for your next team building activity.

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